21 today

10 Jun

was expecting a wet run today. however it turned out to be a bright morning and realising that the temp and humidity would climb quickly, headed off around 6.30 am.  the run was to enoshima and back – 21 km.  from my apartment, it is following the main road to tsujido, then on to the beach, hang a left and a 3 km run along the beachfront. after the fall the other day, was not expecting any brilliant time – 2 hrs 11 min.  people have finished a full marathon and gone home in that time…..

jimbo’s aims are: 1) just to finish 2) ave 10 km/h.  both the extensors and flexors of my right hip could be felt.  this was causing (at least i think it was the reason) a scuffing type foot strike which became bloody distracting.  

what a bloody boring post – better spice it up a bit

running along the beach gives an excellent view across the bay and today, as usual, many – MANY people out surfing.  unlike previous visits, where the surf has been non existent (still many surfers), the waves were about half metre with nice curls – not that i am a seaweed sucker, but they did look like they would have been great to ride.  would have taken a photo – had the camera – but was getting buggered and did not want to stop.  i think i would have been tempting fate.



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