gained a running mate, lost a running mate

5 Jul

had a pleasant change in the running this past week – someone to run with.  my daughter, tobie had joined in on the runs.  she enjoyed it so much that on her first 15+ km run she decided to kiss the road.  actually, she stumbled and nearly saved herself from going over but could not quite manage it. so she gracefully went to ground.  that was last saturday.

monday we went for another 15+ km run.  this one felt very good and finished it off with an average around 10.5 km/h.  the first time i have averaged over 10 km/h for a run longer than 15 km since this training began.  obviously, pretty happy with the steady improvement.

this morning will be our last run with a 6 km run into uni and back.

tobie has accustomed to running quite well on the narrow sections of some of the roads that we have used.  Have never had any incidents on these roads and drivers travel slowly.  however, it does become a squeeze when there are two cars/buses/trucks, a bicycle and a runner side by side.



2 Responses to “gained a running mate, lost a running mate”

  1. daniel james July 5, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    You forgot to mention you are on Facebook now as thisisnot jim , friend him up everyone

    • jimqstc July 5, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

      facebook? what is that?

      btw, creative thinking – get me to create a blog then use it as a tool to get me into facebook, whatever it is….

      oh by the way everyone, there is a facebook thingy (whatever facebook is) that you can friend up to. it is:

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