what i came across while running…..

17 Jul


even though i was jet lagged from the return trip to the training camp in the u.s.a. i ran to chigasaki on the suggestion of my colleague.  there was a festival there called the “hamaori-sai”.  

i may get it all wrong, but i think it is a 24 hr long fest that includes carrying a shrine around while chanting and bouncing the shrine.  the shrine has bells on and the chanting and rhythm make for quite a spectacle.  i think the shrine is carried into the sea and back  out again but this did not occur while i was watching.  this may have been due to my timing being out, or that the ocean was quite rough – not sure which.  oh, the festival also includes a lot of drinking and after witnessing a few passed out revellers, and a couple being carried with their feet dragging behind, it looks like they take this bit quite seriously – this is a festival i could go for…



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