missed it by that much

22 Jul

nearly ran 25 km today – 400 m short….  was aiming too but nearing the halfway point, a certain student was coming the other way and forced me to turn around and run with her back the other way.  was a good run tho – excellent running conditions, etc.

actually, on reflection 24.6 km is near as damn-it to 25, so hey!! i ran 25 km today

anyway, don’t trust students.  not only did she force me to turn around, but abused me for running too slow, so the run back was at a pace of a shinkansen (if you do not know, for homework you have to look it up).  i suppose she should know about running. she recently submitted her thesis on a mathematical model for explaining running efficiency os the leg swing phase of gait.  conversely though, i had just run 136 km and she was out on a casual stroll – no wonder she could set a cracking pace.  but i cannot complain, she lifted my ave velocity for the run to 10 km/h.  yes, it is slow, but for an old fart and to maintain it for 25 km – i am as “happy as a pig in it” – oops forgot the “sh”

bugger it, too tired, so that is enough….


One Response to “missed it by that much”

  1. Dave Noble July 22, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

    “Saw a student and turned and followed her”?????? And she “forced you”???? Nice try Jimbo!

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