why has everyone looked at my blog today?

29 Jul

34 views so far and not put anything in for a week.  this worries me – my paranoia makes me think i am being set up.  dunno how, but i am sure i am.  it is all a conspiracy to get me – you are all in on it, along with the martians that landed here last night and took me away for some body cavity searching – no evidence at all that it happened, but i know it did, cos i cannot remember a thing about it…

enough of that intellectual babble.

i know you are all getting on here to wish me happy birthday, but i am afraid to say you are a day too late. but thanks for the thought anyway.

better go now – i need to prepare for a little walk i am doing tomorrow with my conditioning guru – i want to run, but he will not have a bar of it.  anyway, if the walk turns out to be anything of importance, i will no doubt let you know – maybe we will come across the martians….



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