the little walk continued

11 Aug

the blog was not happy with me and i have had trouble posting pics.  this caused my intended momentum to falter. so it buggered what i had planned.  the backup plan has now been put in place and you will see some pics of the climb of mount fuji.  the pics are part of a group of 300ish shots (get me angry and i will make you look at them all…).  i have loaded each blog in order from last pics to early pics, so as you scroll down, today’s posts should be in some sort of order (i have not worked out whether i can change the order of the blogs – so if anyone knows, please let me know).  enjoy


yes, it is as steep as it looks




at the start (station 5), you could buy a staff and then get it stamped at various stations on the climb. jimbo being as tight as he is, bought a broom handle for half the price…



overtaking lane. he was not letting anything or anyone hold him and his stick back


maybe if i keep my eyes closed, the heart attack will go away



the first of some incredible views



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