26 + 10 = 36 wow look at that, i can count!

12 Aug

ran 26 km last night and 10 km this arvo.  pretty happy being able to run that amount inside 24 hrs.  

the windy afternoon yesterday dropped temps to a level that i decided to do a long run this turned out to be 26 km.  no wonder my quads, feet, and shoulders were in a sore state towards the end. the last km was truly a cliff young shuffle – for non aussies, it is an aussie thing.  for young aussies, it is an old aussie thing.

for the run this arvo, i felt it in the quads but was able to push it reasonably well, so am happy with the outcome.

if you had asked me that last night, it was a different story.  it took a lot of effort to move around.  the last 6 or 7 kms really stressed the muscles big time that lingered well into the wee small hours.  can’t say i had DOMS – there was no bloody delay…

am aiming for a high volume week. but not sure about a run tomorrow. but will be most likely running around 16 km on tuesday.


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