better say something about running

29 Aug

been a while since dribbling about what the blog was originally set up for.

pretty chuffed at the moment.  ran more than a marathon in three days.  saturday night i ran 27.5 km and tonight i ran 20.7.  the times were not brilliant, but trying to get some condition into the legs.  the whole of both runs were well within my oxygen capacity.  just that my legs and feet have not been wanting to join in the fun.  

so for a while now i will be looking at two long runs a week and maybe at some stage shorten it down to two days between. and also chuck a shorter high intensity run in somewhere too.  got another titbit to tell too, but will leave it for another post – too bloody tired now

my partners in crime both ran the sunshine coast half marathon at the weekend and ran a bloody good time.  its a bit depressing the thought that they will both leave me for dead when the big one comes.  but that’s life.  plus its not a race – oh wait a minute, yes it is, bugger….


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