how do i always manage to get close? – not that i am complaining cos i am now within striking distance :)

7 Oct

this morning, i did what will most likely be the last single big run before the big day.  had decided to run at least 30 km.  there were a couple of improvised detours due to a running event along the beach path between enoshima and chigasaki and thinking a trip out to the end of enoshima island would add some distance.  with that done, it was off to kamakura then back home.  the total was less than 100 m short of 36 km.  so am happy as a piggy in the proverbial..  got slower and slower at the end but still managed to average 9 km/h.  so the early bits must have been pacey cos later on it definitely was not.  

pain report – i am sure you are waiting to hear that there were no boob problems, the tape worked a treat – now getting used to this self waxing, albeit two tiny strips…  had pain in two newish areas.  one was lower tib-ants and the other/s were in and around both knees and lasted for the majority of the run.  the others were (now cannot remember the names so might be wrong (spelling too) and i am sure someone will correct me) the right leg’s vastus medialis and the left leg’s vastus lateralis. hhmm interesting that these pains were on the left side of both legs.

now back to the title, always near one distance or another – never over it, why.  this is never planned and usually only check distances when finished… 


4 Responses to “how do i always manage to get close? – not that i am complaining cos i am now within striking distance :)”

  1. Julie Norton October 8, 2012 at 8:32 am #

    Hey Jim, Glad to hear it’s getting close..I know the feeling!! Is it November? Anyway, I’m sure there’ll be a shot of a stuffed yet very satisfied runner on ‘progression to the pinnacle’ at its end!! Shall be in touch via normal email soon when I have some definite news..Julie


    • jimqstc October 8, 2012 at 9:20 am #

      i dare say there will be a pic or two. am wondering whether to wear a gopro and film the run – how boring would that be….

      sounds like you are about to submit your thesis

  2. Cpt Kado October 8, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    It all comes down to perspective Jimbo san. Round to a sensible number and your theory fails – you set out do more than 30km and actually ran OVER 35 km. Great job mate.
    Sounds like the un-young body is about ready for some tapering (note tapering not taping – this is not intended to be another cheap nipple joke).

    • jimqstc October 8, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

      actually the 30 km was an out clause (copout clause to be accurate). was planning 35ish but in case i whimped out and stopped sooner, i could weakly justify to myself that i achieved my objective.

      the tapering bit is a bit of an unknown for me in this context. never done it myself or worked with others on this sort of distance and at the amount of training (~6 months) i have gone through.

      cheap jokes are my speciality

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