now i know how to run faster

15 Nov

if i follow this research, surely it will help me to run faster….

IT could be the best thing since sliced bread – a formula for the perfect toast.

Scientists yesterday revealed the mathematical precision required which shows it is best cooked for exactly 3 minutes and 36 seconds.

Their study found this amount of time created the perfect “golden-brown” colour with the “ultimate balance of external crunch and internal softness”.

The optimum thickness of the bread should be 14mm and the ideal amount of butter 0.44 grams per square inch.

The toaster dial must also be set to five out of six on a 900-watt appliance to achieve a temperature of 154C. Once the perfect slice has popped out it should be buttered immediately, sliced once diagonally, and then served on a plate warmed to 45C, to minimise condensation beneath the toast.

Study leader Dr Dom Lane, a consultant food researcher, spent a week toasting and tasting 2,000 slices to find the right cooking formula. He found if more or less than 216 seconds was taken to cook the toast, it would lose the desired 12:1 exterior to interior crispiness. 

The best bread to toast he found was a pale seeded loaf taken fresh from a fridge at 3C. And both sides had to be cooked at the same time rather than on one side to help “curtail excessive moisture loss”.

source (not the tomato version):    


official pics

14 Nov

worth watching

10 Nov

a classic

two great pics – and one very sad looking one

7 Nov

here is early pic of the team


followed by a shot of only a small group of starters


then a sad one of a bloke who is, well umm, not looking good at around the 20 km mark


still here

6 Nov

have not fallen off the face of the earth – just been busy (you can pick yourself up from that revelation). 

thanks for all the congratulations.

am feeling quite good, just a little tight in the right medial gastroc

will update more soon

a little of the run

4 Nov

the run started pretty good and managed to be able to pick my way through the slower runners who had pushed up front for the start.  plus i decided for a toilet stop early so i did not need to once i was into a fatigued state – so many slower runners passed me at that time. I was going comfortably until around the 15 km mark but then I started getting pain in the back of my left knee.  So I had to back off the pace.  

every time I tried to pick the pace up, It shot a sharp pain through the whole knee.  at around 25 km, the urge to stop and walk started to set in but knew if I did that I would not get going again.  at this point many people were starting to stop, walk, and/or stretch.  the last 17 km (right to the line) was a battle of willpower. in the end I took 4 hrs 59 min – although the official time will be a bit longer cos of having the toilet stop.  once over the line I had a huge release of emotion and i presume this is from the fighting the want to stop – i can see why people say it is a big mental challenge.  in the end all I could do for a couple of hours afterwards was just lay and try and recover.  by then my legs were just aching all over.  

this morning I am feeling surprisingly good.  with only some tightness in my right calf.

both partners in crime also finished and seemed to pull up much better – one even managing to sprint up stairs at the train station – obviously they could have run harder….  the other team member took a run-and-enjoy approach and carried a camera and got many happy snaps along the way (will post some pics sometime soon).

would i do it again?  during the latter stages of the run, the answer would be not in a pink fit.  now after finishing, yes maybe – but with a longer preparation time.  i had a bucket list of two – to climb fuji-san and to run a marathon and managed both, so am happy from a personal perspective to have done so.   

managed to finish

3 Nov

we got through and all three managed to finish.  been out to tea and just got back.  will post bits and pieces soon